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https://shrturi.com/xpjdoG ◐ VERS 3.10 AstroGuider

INDIGO Control Panel Vanguard at any rate what you're doing is how i started out as well. i would still consider the windows route once you get this going. EOS utility does work but it's a lot easier to use a capture program that can give intelligent names to the files. ASI Cameras ASCOM driver to support our cameras. - Default Calibration step sized increased to 750 ms from 500 ms We have developed two new 'Full Frame' format cameras that incorporate the large area ON Semiconductors KAF16200 and KAF16803 CCD chips. As these devices require the use of an optical shutter, we developed a stepper motor driven 'roller blind' assembly, which provides very uniform illumination, even for very short exposure times. This simplifies the recording of flat field frames and eliminates shutter induced gradients in your images. These cameras also incorporate 'Field flood' LEDs to eliminate RBI effects and a multicoated synthetic sapphire input window to eliminate dewing. The extremely high thermal conductivity of the sapphire keeps the window warm by conduction, without the use of window heaters. The cooling is by a 3 stage Peltier and achieves better than -45C below ambient. Both cameras are housed in a 136mm square machined chamber and weigh only 1.7Kg. The input adaptor has a 72mm x 1mm female thread and the camera BFL is 16mm.
Updated version https://macpkg.icu/?id=55672&kw=3.2_AstroGuider_RejoMq.pkg (28987 kbytes)
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- Will save / restore window position
Note: This software is not from ZWO, we just provide another download node. Official Site
- Fixed bug that could lead to missing Dec values in log files if using North or South-only guiding
#13 groz
- Greater precision in star location, especially on Orion Starshoot cameras, resulting in more accurate guiding
Good to hear! Ekos's feature set is certainly compelling. I tried it on a linux box a while back and had issues with my Nikon SLRs, but it seems to work significantly better with the ZWO cameras. Will post a review when I've had a chance to test it out.
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- (1.11.2) When guide output is disabled, PHD will now track the star as it moves anywhere on the screen and not be confined by the search region (useful when doing PEC training)

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